MOSAIC concept is characterized of the development of new CSP modular configuration which will be based on a fixed hemispheric semi-Fresnel solar field and a high temperature mobile receiver. The approach for reaching the goal of low cost high energy conversion efficiencies is to implement 3D solar concentration units with fixed mirrors of high solar concentration ratios with actuated receivers, comprising several of these concentrator units in a modular plant of high efficiency.

The Key Advantages of this approach are:
Cost effective system:
  • Non-tracking mirror concentrators
  • No need for wiring
  • Cheaper and easier to install and repair structures/mirrors: Fixed and located at ground level with low wind forces
High and progressive concentration ratios leading to optimized receivers, storage and cycles:
  • 3D concentration but a single linear focus lead to an easier receiver design
  • Progressive concentration allows for optimum receiver design (minimum losses)
  • High temperatures and efficiencies
  • High temperatures lead to Lower costs for storage system
Modular and flexible design
  • Suitable for distributed applications
  • Affordable investment required to validate/optimise the concept

Background of MOSAIC concept:

To learn more about the concepts developed within the project, see this video created on the occasion of CENER’s 20th anniversary.