The MOSAIC Consortium, led by TEKNIKER, represents a multi-disciplinary group composed of 6 countries within the European Union, forming an ideal and well-balanced team to succeed in the proposed challenges and covering all critical elements of the whole value chain. The partners are organisations (large and small companies, research institutions and university) offering the complete set of interdisciplinary skills required by the project.


    IK4-TEKNIKER was legally incorporated in 1981 as a non-profit making Foundation based on a statutory commitment aimed at upgrading the competitiveness of the industrial fabric and its services via technological support. TEKNIKER is divided in different departments dedicated mainly to Mechatronics, Intelligent Systems, Metrology, Manufacturing processes and Surface Engineering. As a result, IK4-TEKNIKER has been actively involved in CSP sector for the last 12 years, by designing new components and coatings, improving HTFs and storage media as well as O&M in CSP plants.

    Czech Republic
    Václav Smítka

    AMIRES is a consulting and management company for research, development and innovation projects, which provides the necessary strategic support to high quality international teams to achieve their objectives and facilitates the research industrial and research-policy making interface. AMIRES follows projects from their initiation and planning, through negotiation, execution and management to the final stage, where exploitation of new technologies, products or services is facilitated. Moreover, main mission of the company is to facilitate the access of European research to high-tech SMEs and improve exploitation of innovative ideas.

    Miguel Herrador Moreno

    Aalborg CSP is a Danish renewable energy specialist mainly designing solutions based on the concentrated solar power technology. The company’s main office is located in, Aalborg Denmark, and they have offices in Spain, United States, Kenya, Australia and Indonesia. Aalborg CSP has participated in projects mainly in Spain, but also in Turkey, Norway and Russia. The most current project as of 2015 is an integrated energy system located in Port Augusta, Australia. Aalborg CSP has partnered with Sundrop Farms to create a farm powered by the sun and saltwater.


    Cobra is a company within the ACS group of companies and it has acquired a strong reputation in the overall market as a strong, reliable and experienced EPC Contractor in Oil & Gas projects and in the Energy and Renewable sectors.
    Cobra possesses extensive experience in the development, construction, operation and maintenance of industrial facilities and power plants, but is also known for its strong international presence, developing its activity in over 54 countries in key sectors such as Oil & Gas, Infrastructures, Mining, Power & Heat (CCGT) and Energy Renewable Energy facilities (including onshore & offshore wind, tidal, hydroelectric power plants, solar PV and solar thermal –CSP– plants).

    Marcelino Sánchez

    The National Renewable Energy Centre (CENER) is a technology centre specialized in applied research and development, as well as the promotion of renewable energies. It is equipped with a cutting-edge technological infrastructure which together with a highly qualified technical staff makes this centre enjoy both national and international prestige. The CENER-CIEMAT Foundation is a non-profit entity, created by the Science and Technological Ministry of Spain and by the Government of Navarra.


    Politecnico di Torino (POLITO) is a leading public university, in Italy and in Europe, in technical-scientific education and research, founded in 1859. The Energy Department – DENERG is the leading POLITO structure in the fields of power and energy and sustainable development. The main goal of DENERG is to improve the existing technologies in the energy sector, to promote the innovation and to contribute to the rational and aware use of different energy resources. DENERG has a leading role in the field of production, transport, distribution, conversion and use of energy, with the aim of improving the existing technologies and promoting the innovative technologies in the field.

  • Rioglass Solar S.A.

    Rioglass Solar S.A. (RIO), company founded in 2007, is a solar power and renewable energy technology manufacturer, specialized in developing key optical components for concentrated solar power (CSP) and concentrated photovoltaic (CPV) applications. RIO has created the tempered high precision parabolic mirror, which has become the leading reference in the market, positioning the company as the solar technology leader with the largest installed base of parabolic mirrors in the industry.


    Senior Flexonics GmbH, a member of the international Senior plc. group, benefits of more than 100 years of experience in the development and production of flexible metallic elements with the highest material and quality standard. Since 1983 Senior Flexonics is designing and delivering sophisticated products for different CSP and Power Generation applications.


    SIREA is a SME with more than 20 years of experience (1994-2016) in the fields of electricity, electronics, automation and information technology sector. It has 2 subsidiaries, one in Burkina Faso (West Africa) and one in Spain, 2 commercial representations in Vietnam and Morocco and a participation in Madagascar. Sirea has worked with more than 200 clients in 20 countries. It currently provides services in different areas, being the most relevant energy and industry


    Increscendo Consultancy is an engineering company specialized in renewable energies, civil and building construction. We get involved with the Client from the initial phase of the concept creation, carrying on with public administrations and private sides affected. We generate all the technical documents and reports, from drawing the construction project to supervising its construction for the Client.